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So, What is 'php-IRClog' then?
php-IRClog is a web-based display and formatting tool for your IRC logs. At this time it only supports logs produced by the 'Eggdrop' IRC Bot, but input of mIRC and X-Chat logs (at a minimum) will also be supported in later releases. The script also automatically strips all 'mIRC' codes from the final output, and gives the options to view the raw log files or to download them to your own computer.
What does it do with my logs?
It will allow you to publish your channel logs of the web, in a professional and clean layout, offering statistics (both on a day-to-day basis and overall), support advanced searching of the log files, provide protected log files (eg for non-private channels), highlight URL's and provide the ability to store these in an online database. Check out the Features page for a full list of current and planned functionality.
What software do I need to have access to, to use this package?
You need to have access to a web server (Apache is preferred), with PHP (version 4.0+) installed, and optionally with mySQL access too - all of these can be run from your home computer if required. Both Unix and Windows versions are compatible. You also need some log-files, and thats it! If you are able to save your log files to a directory accessible by the web-server then you can even have real-time display of your IRC channels. Various procedures for all the above will be described on these pages.
OK, enough already! I'll try it .. Where can I get it?
Well, right now, you cant! The basic package is still undergoing alpha-testing, but should be avaliable within the next few weeks. That release will only offer the basic log-display functionality, probably only supporting 'Eggdrop' log-files, so as to get it out and in real-world use as soon as possible. This will enable me to quickly detect and fix any bugs and browser incompatibilities.

For an up-to-date status report on php-IRClog, visit our Sourceforge project page.

[ phpIRClog is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) ]

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